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Address: 144/2 Thawewong Rd, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150, Thailandia

Phone number: +66 (0) 61 780 2305

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Who we are

Our center is called Vimaan, and is composed of a highly trained and qualified team in the wellness sector.

Our massages are all oriented towards achieving a feeling of well-being that affects both the body and the mind: ours is an oriental philosophy, the Thai one, aimed at all those who wish to obtain specific benefits from a treatment.

Our treatments are always performed in the most thorough way possible, we offer a series of wellness relaxation proposals, which concern the whole body.

What is a Thai massage

Beauty and well-being are all in the traditional oriental philosophy. A Thai woman always looks young and beautiful, simply because she is oriented from an early age to always take care of herself: according to the traditional Thai ideology, taking care of yourself means taking care not only of your body, but also of your spirit.

In fact, there are specific connections between body and mind, precisely because according to our ideology, the physical body and the energy body travel hand in hand, despite being two different aspects. The physical body is what we can see and touch with our hand: it is what makes us feel the sensations of pain or pleasure depending on the points that are touched, and it is the physical body that suffers clearly if we have back pain, muscle or joint pain, sore throat, and other physical pain.

All this, however, depends on the energy body: it is crossed by many channels, called Sen. The channels are more than 70,000, but the most important are ten, namely:

  • Sen Ittha;
  • Sen Pingkala;
  • Sen Summana;
  • Sen Kanlataree;
  • Sen Hadsarangsri;
  • Sen Thawarre;
  • Sen Jantapusank;
  • Sen Rusum;
  • Sen Sukumang;
  • Sen Sikkinee.

The ten Sen involve the main channels of our energy body, and each of them belongs to a specific part of our body: during a relaxing treatment, we work on the main channels, in order to relax the mind thanks to a treatment that it is oriented to unlock the points where the block or obstruction was created. In fact, through these energy channels all our vital energy flows: if it encounters a blockage point, it stops flowing freely, and with time there will be problems for our physical body.

If we prevent these blockages, we can certainly obtain important benefits that affect both the physical and the energetic body. If our energetic body is well, this feeling of well-being will also be projected to our physical body, and consequently also to our mind and skin: it will certainly appear smoother, more toned and more relaxed.

The Thai massage can be performed with the help of the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and all the parts of the body that the masseur deems useful: sometimes, however, aids such as stones can also be useful hot, herbs, and oils.

How to recognize the best massage in Phuket Patong beach

A good massage must always be performed with a certain level of pressure on the painful points: the patient must in fact reach an acceptable “pain” threshold and halfway between pain and pleasure. This means that the work has been done well, and that the energy body is getting the benefits of unlocking the blocked channels.

If it is too delicate, in fact, it is not possible to reach the blocking points of the vital energy channels, and this can void the very effect of the treatment, which will not be as effective as a treatment done intensively.

It is also clear that, depending on the problem, the treatment must always be evaluated in order to offer the customer the greatest possible benefit: remember that the benefit will not only be directed to the disappearance of pain, but also to the well-being of the skin and mind. In fact, we often use perfumed oils that guarantee a relaxing well-being for the mind.

What are the benefits of a good massage in Patong beach

It is clear that the advantages of a good one are not only addressed to the well-being of the body, but also to that of our spirit.

A good one works on the weak points of our body, trying to restore balance and therefore make us feel better: if we suffer from back pain, for example, it will be oriented precisely to limit and reduce that pain, while also working on the energy channel corresponding and therefore in order to ensure the maximum feeling of well-being possible.

In addition, the benefits also concern our spiritual well-being: thanks to the use of aromatherapy and heat, for example, we can achieve a high sensation of relaxation and inner peace. Very often the relaxation that is obtained is so evident that customers fall asleep: at the end of the treatment, you will feel relaxed but at the same time full of energy and desire to do. This also happens because the treatment also heals the well-being of our mind and allows us to return in complete balance with ourselves and our emotions.

Finally, the advantages also differ according to the type of treatment. For example, a very complete and therefore advisable massage can be what we turn to the feet: the foot has always been considered a very important part of the body because, according to the principles of reflexology, we find in it all the corresponding points with all the organs of the our body. Depending on the point we touch, we can understand if that particular organ is healthy or not healthy, and we can treat the foot in order to also treat the ailments of our body.

A facial treatment, on the other hand, can give a feeling of extreme well-being to our skin: we go to relax the facial muscles and we can obtain a feeling of beauty and relaxation generated by the feeling of relaxation.

Finally, our treatments are also aimed at improving venous circulation and well-being of the skin: thanks to the use of specific herbs, for example, we can reduce skin blemishes such as cellulite, and we can restore a much more relaxed and toned skin .