Aloe Vera Body Sun Burn Massage

Are you on holiday in our beautiful Thailand, and you just couldn’t resist the beauty of our beaches? We know it very well, it happens to us too! The sun, the sea, the beach, everything that is truly irresistible in the summer, and if you come here for vacation you will certainly want to fully enjoy all the benefits of living an unforgettable experience on our beautiful island.

Te price is 600 bath for 60 minutes.

However, you must never forget to take care of your body and your skin, even in moments like these: if you expose yourself to the sun for too long or in the hottest hours, and if you do not use good sun protection, there is the risk that this holiday will be made unforgettable even by the pain and discomfort of a very burned skin!

You can rest assured, however, because thanks to our specialized center you can run for cover: we at Vimaan Massage are also specialized in carrying out massages against sunburn of the body, and for this rate we use a special and very particular element, which it’s aloe vera!

What is Aloe vera and why it is very useful

Aloe Vera is a naturally occurring element, a plant from which it is possible to obtain many products that have truly indescribable quality: of this plant, for example, the juice is announced (which is very pleasant to drink and is indicated to return well-being to the body during a diet, as it is rich in vitamins and elements useful for promoting weight loss), but also the gel, an extracted liquid that is obtained from the leaf. Finally, there is also the total extract of aloe, which derives from the extraction of the liquid and the fiber.

The extraction of the gel of optimal quality is performed immediately after the cut of the leaves: the interesting feature of this is that for the extraction of the gel no chemical elements or high temperature are used, and this means that the gel is guaranteed at its maximum quality. However, its conservation must take place in sterile containers, protected from light and heat sources, to avoid the normal degradation and normal oxidation necessary for the presence of both endogenous and exogenous bacteria.

Aloe Vera, therefore, is very useful because it is a truly natural element, which entails a series of benefits both in the food field and in cosmetics: if we use its juice, we help a natural weight loss because it helps us to lose liquids in excess; if we use the gel, we obtain a series of beneficial effects for our body, even when performing a massage.

The many benefits of Aloe vera: because it is very useful in massages

Aloe vera is also very useful for massages. Its benefits are indeed numerous: the gel that is extracted from the plant is able to purify our skin, but also to nourish and refresh it thanks to the contribution of vitamins that are naturally present in this plant with numerous particular properties. .

We can consider the use of Aloe vera useful during the massage in the following cases:

  • Against mycosis of the skin due to the action of bacteria: the gel has a bactericidal action and therefore disinfects and brings nourishing elements for our skin, regenerating it;
  • Against acne: we all know how annoying acne can be. Using Aloe vera helps to renew our cells, and therefore also prevents the formation of annoying scars that often follow the formation of acne. In addition, the gel regenerates the skin and stimulates the formation of new cells: this means that the use of Aloe vera during massages is also very suitable for the treatment of long-lasting scars;
  • Against chilblains: if you massage the part of skin affected by chilblains on your hands and feet, you can get very interesting benefits because the gel restores adequate and correct blood supply, increases wound healing, and makes the skin definitely more nourished and hydrated.

The benefits of Aloe vera against sunburn: never a sore body again

If you have exaggerated with sun exposure, you will surely have found yourself in the unpleasant situation of feeling pain and discomfort generated by excess sun exposure: therefore, you will probably feel the weight of the sunburn, which will hurt you and will not allow you to enjoy the your vacation.

At our center specializing in massages, you can receive a beneficial and relaxing massage against psoriasis, sunburn, eczema, minor burns and blisters. In general, we use Aloe vera to counteract all the affections affecting the skin in which there are pains, sores and wounds.

Our sunburn massage uses Aloe vera: you can therefore get all the benefits we have talked about. A massage lasts 60 minutes and it costs 600 baht.