Set Amazing: 3 hours for 2500 bath


  • Body Scrubs
  • Thai
  • Oil
  • Herbal or Hot Stone
  • Facial

Our wellness and beauty packages are specially designed to allow our customers to obtain maximum relaxation and well-being of body and mind in a single proposal. One of the most interesting and full of relaxation opportunities is the Amazing set: it will surprise you with how fantastic and great it is!

The proposals within this set are: Body Scrubs, Thai Massage, Oil massage, Herbal or Hot Stone, Facial Treatments.

Each of these proposals is sensational from the point of view of relaxation and well-being, because it offers you 360 ° advantages and benefits. And the best part is that you can try these treatments in one session of extreme wellness! Here are the benefits of each treatment.

What will you get with Body Scrubs

The Body scrub is an exfoliating treatment for your body, which guarantees extreme benefits from the point of view of the well-being of body and mind, but above all of your skin. In fact, in a massage performed with exfoliating agents, you can obtain perfectly smooth and smooth skin on every part of the body, thanks to the action of exfoliating products. In fact, you can say goodbye to dead cells, and at the end of the treatment you will surely feel smoother and smoother, for a truly kissable skin!

What will you get with Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage is a real form of ancient art that has as its premise the well-being understood as well-being of body and mind. In fact, in Thai ideology there is a need to match the well-being of the energy body with that of the physical body: it is assumed that any malaise of the physical body is directly connected to a blockage in one of the energy channels (Sen) from which vital energy flows. Keeping these channels always active and free allows our energy to flow well, and this has clear advantages both physically and psychically: you will be surprised at how relaxed you will be at the end of the treatment, and for the well-being that you will have achieved against muscle and joint pain.

What will you get with the Oil Massage

Alongside the traditional Thai massage, you can find excellent guarantees of well-being even with the so-called oil-based massage. Oils are a very effective ingredient because they relax and relax you, and at the same time make your skin very smooth and smooth. In addition, they also have a very delicate perfume that will also cure your senses with aromatherapy.

What will you get with Herbal or Hot Stone Massage

Some types of massage involve the use of compressed herbs or hot stones. Both types are highly recommended because they use the power of heat to relax the body and mind: the herbs are placed inside bags which are then heated by steam; the stones are previously heated. The heat releases all the well-being of the herbs and stones, bringing out their beneficial properties: for example, lemongrass, turmeric, cassia, and some varieties of ginger are used, all products that smooth and help fight cellulite thanks to cell regeneration and skin.

What will you get with Facial Treatments

The face treatment deserves a separate discussion. The well-being of the face is also very important: according to the oriental tradition, smoothing and massaging the face using your hands and natural products helps to counteract muscle tension and combats the imperfections caused by wrinkles. Oriental women are used to undergo these treatments, and their face always appears to be eternal girls: a complete well-being that also involves both the body and the mind in this case.

Thanks to our Set Amazing, you can try all the benefits of our most important treatments in one session. The duration of a complete session is 3 hours, and the cost is 2500 baht.