Aromatherapy Massage

If you are feeling down and want to find some energy and balance, aromatherapy massage is definitely all you need to recharge your batteries: the aromatherapy massage that we offer in our specialized center is a highly comfortable massage , which uses essential oils to give you energy and to reduce stress. Thanks to this type of massage you can then restore energy to your tired body and your stressed mind: you will get an immediate feeling of well-being, freshness, flexibility and relaxation!

The price is 600bath for 60 minutes.

What you can get with an aromatherapy massage

If you feel on the ground, if you are going through a period of strong psychophysical stress, you can recharge your batteries thanks to an aromatherapy massage. We know that massages are all considered very relaxing, but the addition of essential oils is something we recommend if you need to get something extra because this treatment is the best choice if you are tired, stressed and in crisis!

What can you get with such a massage? Relaxation, relaxation, and more relaxation! But not only this: in fact, a massage performed by a specialized operator can immediately give a feeling of body and mental well-being thanks to the presence of essential oils: in fact, they can energize our body, eliminate stress, and tone our muscles.

The particular thing (and we would dare to say unique) of this massage performed by means of aromatherapy is that essential oils can be used according to the problem that most affects you: for this reason it is very useful to talk to the operator and explain to him what you feel and what is your physical and emotional state! In fact, the expert and qualified operator will be able to create a mix of essential oils best suited to your condition, and you will get a sure feeling of extreme well-being!

How massage with essential oils works

Aromatherapy is very important for the well-being of the body and mind: the sensory experience that passes through our sense of smell guarantees us to experience very important emotions, because in this way we will be much more relaxed and calm. But there is more: because in fact, the massage that is performed with the help of essential oils is very useful also because these oils penetrate the skin and reach our vital channels.

The energy of our energetic and spiritual body passes right through these vital channels: thanks to the properties of these essential oils, therefore, we can relieve our pains and therefore obtain an immediate feeling of benefit against the tensions of our body. The scent of oils passes from the nose to the brain: that’s why we relax, and that’s why it is known that many people, during an aromatherapy massage, even tend to fall asleep.

With essential oils we can achieve extreme well-being that involves many aspects of our life and our daily lives: for example, they allow us to obtain new energy and lifeblood, allow us to tone our body, and also counteract many physical problems .

The advantages of aromatherapy massage

As we have anticipated, the benefits you can get with aromatherapy-based massage are of different types. This massage is indicated first of all for those who suffer from insomnia and have sleep problems, for those who have difficulty sleeping, but also for those who have rather persistent and important menstrual pain.

In addition, it may also be suitable for those suffering from digestion and eczema problems. However, since essential oils are very strong and have an intense and particularly persistent smell, aromatherapy massage is not particularly suitable for those who are pregnant and those suffering from kidney problems.

The duration of an aromatherapy massage is one hour, and it costs 600 baht: try it, and you won’t regret it!