Back & Shoulders Massage

The back and shoulder massage is a typically relaxing massage, but also a decontracting one. In fact, at our Vimaan Massage center, we also carry out this type of massage for a good resolution of problems for those suffering from back, shoulder and neck disorders.

The price is 350 bath for 60 minutes.

As is known, the neck, back and shoulders are particularly subject to muscle contractures: those who often work in front of the computer, those who perform office work and all those who have a predominantly sedentary life are, unfortunately, very affected by this kind of problems. Muscle aches, muscle blockages, joint pains, are just some of the most common problems involving people who lead sedentary lives, who do not have sports problems and who therefore have a blockage problem in the shoulders, back and neck, who use be the basis of the various cervical problems.

Moreover, it must also be added that the decontracting massage that we do at the shoulders and the back of the body also serves to loosen muscle tensions and therefore also a use of stress and anxiety: we know very well how much the stress required to create greeting problems, and for this reason it is essential to release the tensions that can weigh on the muscles.

Therefore, when we undergo a massage of this type, we can also be satisfied with the fact that we are going to remove stress, anxiety, relieve tension, and of course also counteract all localized pain. In fact, even if we underwent a rest period, the problem does not go away on its own, on the contrary: pain, even when it is done rigorously from rest, could become chronic, and this makes its complete elimination much more difficult.

The advantages that a Back and Shoulders massage can give are very different, and they are mainly divided into two categories:

  • Benefits for the body, as we are going to overcome our pains localized on the muscle groups (it is always important not to hope that they pass on their own);
  • Benefits for the mind and relaxation, because the massage acts on the tense muscle and therefore makes the muscle band more relaxed, which is then brought back to its optimal state of tone;
  • Benefits for well-being in general, because thanks to the massage we will also be able to favor the elimination of toxins and liquids from the body, thus improving its oxygenation.

Furthermore, when we relax thanks to a well-done massage, relaxation does not only concern the part of the body directly affected by pain, but also the mind, and the rest of the body, through the release of the endorphins, which are the basis of good mood and well-being. Anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, are all bad moods that can really disappear instantly after a massage of this type.

What are the movements performed by the masseur during a massage of this type?

The contracture is treated by the massage therapist in a professional way: he then performs maneuvers that have the aim of loosening the muscles, and which are generally rubbings, pressures, muscle maneuvers that help reduce pain and therefore loosen the muscles and the nerves. At the same time, special oils are also used with a relaxing and soothing effect, and music that helps create a serene and relaxed atmosphere.

In conclusion, thanks to a Back and Shoulders massage we obtain several benefits, which concern the person’s mental and physical well-being: the body and mind relax, and the person receiving the massage manages to relax and live a moment of tranquility and well-being that it’s about his body and spirit.

Although the main reason why you undergo a Back and Shoulders Massage is to dissolve muscle contracture, you get many other benefits: for example, you get greater oxygenation of the tissues, thanks to the pressure on the nerve centers with the massage relaxant; moreover, toxins and excess liquids are eliminated, thus promoting weight loss; anxiety and stress are reduced.

Our back and shoulder massage lasts about 60 minutes: a time that we consider sufficient to obtain all the typical benefits of this type of massage that acts mainly on the back of the body, even in this way a discreet relaxation. The cost of our qualified massage is 350 baht.