Coconut & Almond Massage

The Thai massage can be carried out both in a traditional way and with other innovative methods and in particular with the help of specific oils: the use of the oil, in fact, makes the massage decidedly more pleasant indeed very exciting and relaxing.

The properties of Thai massage are unquestionable. In fact, the massage is offered not only to obtain benefits for the well-being of the body, but also for the well-being of the mind: it is a massage that contains many advantages for those who receive it. If it is performed with some oils, it can be even more interesting and there is an unprecedented sense experience.

The price is 600 bath for 60 minutes.

The benefits of Thai massage refer to both the body and the mind. We do not want to divide from each other, simply because the traditional consideration of Thai philosophy is that according to which body and mind observe two parallel tracks, but are united by an invisible thread: in fact, according to Thai philosophy there are two types of body; one is the physical body, which is what allows us to perceive emotions and pain, positive experiences and negative experiences; the other is the energy body, through which our life energy passes.

Why take care of yourself with a Thai massage based on coconut oil and almonds

Taking care of the channels that allow the massage of our vital energy is the starting principle of Thai massage: in fact, according to these considerations, if there is a blockage in one of these steps, there could also be the risk of having pathologies or suffer from some evil.

Those who live sedentary lives, those who abuse food or alcohol, those who, in short, do not love each other, may begin to suffer from joint and muscle pain, back pain, headache, cervical, foot pain: all problems that Thai massage can cure both with the traditional method and with the help of oils.

Generally, we choose to use specific oils to enhance the beneficial properties of massages: and this is how, for example, a Thai massage can be invigorating and relaxing because we have the possibility of obtaining benefits also for the mind. The use of coconut oil and almonds, for example, is very suitable because the properties of these oils allow us to relax and enhance the benefits of Thai massage.

How the Thai massage with coconut oil and almonds is carried out

The Thai massage, in this case, is carried out on a bed: the qualified and expert operator performs pressures, slides, circular massages on our whole body and in particular dwells on the vital points. Through the use of coconut and almond oil, then, we can nourish our skin and prepare it for total relaxation: the scent of coconut and almonds softens our senses and allows us to obtain very interesting advantages also for that which concerns psychophysical well-being.

The advantages of Thai massage with coconut oil and almonds are as follows:

  • Benefits for the mind: the sweet scent of these oils allows us to get in touch with the deepest part of our self; we relax, and we can gradually unlock the energy channels unlocked due to stress and anxiety. Thanks to the massage with almond and coconut oil, we also fight anxiety, sadness, stress, and all negative emotions;
  • Benefits for the body: we can obtain very interesting benefits for our well-being. For example, we can decrease the pain caused by back pain, bad posture, body overload. We can also control our headaches, and all the ailments that are generally caused by a bad flow of vital energy within our energy channels.

Our massage center is also specialized in the use of special oils for relaxing massages and with broad therapeutic properties: you can get valid benefits already with a session. A session of our massage with coconut oil and almonds lasts 60 minutes, and it costs 600 baht.