Set Delight: 1000 bath for 2 hurs


  • Thai
  • Oil
  • Herbal

The pursuit of pleasure has always been a common goal in Eastern tradition and therefore also in Thai philosophy. According to this tradition, the thought prevails according to which the body and the mind travel on different tracks but parallel and directly connected: it is for this reason that the pursuit of pleasure can take place both through specific treatments aimed at relaxing the mind, but also by means of of treatments that take care of our external part, our body and our mind.

In traditional Thai philosophy, however, it is always good to keep in mind that all the treatments that are performed can take care of the body and mind at the same time: the body is in fact cured from the material point of view but also from the physical point of view, for example with the help of massages, pressures and tractions on certain points; in the same way, we also act on the energy channels in which our vital energy flows, and therefore we can also give good relaxation for the mind.

In our set aimed at the pursuit of pleasure, we have chosen to combine three different treatments into one, at a competitive and certainly very interesting price. The pleasure treatments are the traditional Thai massage, the massage with the help of oils, and the one with the help of herbs.

All these treatments aim at the well-being of the body, mind and skin. Let’s see briefly what benefits you can get.

Benefits of Thai Massage

With Thai Massage you will get very interesting benefits for both body and mind: in Thai massage, you can relax and relax your mind, while an expert and qualified operator will take care of your physical body and also of the energy body.

In fact, all the massages that are performed on your body according to the Thai tradition come from an ancient art of prevention and cure: at the same time, benefits are obtained concerning the treatment of the physical body’s ailments (back pain, joint pain and muscle, sore throat) and preventive treatments that help prevent various ailments.

Benefits of Oil Massage

Even the massage that uses oils is very interesting for this purpose, because it allows you to obtain even stronger relaxation from the point of view of the mind. The pleasure you will get thanks to the use of perfumed oils is really very interesting and will allow you to increase and maximize the benefits of traditional Thai massage, also taking care of your mind.

One of the most widely used oils is coconut oil, combined with sweet almond oil: it acts as a vehicle for relaxing benefits according to personal needs and tastes, always giving a total sense of well-being thanks also to deep relaxation of the muscles. In fact, the oil tones and at the same time allows you to massage the body with deep and fluid movements, allowing it to melt and also relaxing the mind.

Benefits of Herbal Massage

Then there is the herbal massage: in the Thai tradition, the use of herbs is very interesting for relaxation because it allows you to optimize the action of the massage through the use of particular energizing and revitalizing herbs.

Herbs can be inserted inside specific bags which are then heated by steam: they have an antioxidant action, stimulate diuresis and cell regeneration, treat inflammation of the genital system, counteract meteorism and swelling. Among the most common herbs are lemongrass and turmeric, a root with an antiseptic power, tamarind, cassia, and a particular variety of ginger. They can perform a very effective combined action.

You will get the maximum benefits in this pleasure package, which has a total duration of 2 hours and a price of 1000 baht.