Foot Scrub

Traditional Thai massage can be performed throughout the body. In fact, the general consideration of Eastern philosophy is that our energy body (the one not directly visible to the human eye but present in each of us) is crossed by a series of energy channels (the so-called Sen) through which energy flows vital of each of us. Our lifeblood can flow well, however, only if the channels are not blocked: if there is a blockage or an obstruction to one or more of our Sen, the problem is very evident because our energy stops flowing, and this it also results in numerous problems for our physical body.

The price is 500 bath for 45 minutes.

Back pain, joint and muscle pain, knee pain, head pain or sore throat, but also inflammation, acne, excessive menstrual pain, these are all problems related to our physical discomfort that can be caused by a bad flow of our vital energy through the Sen.

Rebalancing these energy channels allows us, therefore, to feel better, and to obtain truly sensational benefits for our skin, for our physical body and also for energy: depending on the treatment and the type of massage (but also of the product which is used) we thus obtain very precise and specific benefits.

Even if the massage or treatment is performed in a particular and very specific area of the body, we will see how, very often, the benefits that we can obtain also affect the rest of our body.

One of the energizing and invigorating treatments that we can consider among the most useful is the foot massage, often performed with the help of exfoliating products that also allow us to obtain immediate well-being and a feeling of freshness and authentic beauty of our foot. In the East, beauty and well-being are closely linked, and there is no part of the body that is not treated in order to maintain aesthetic beauty and a continuous sensation of relaxation and pleasant freshness.

The foot is one of the areas of the body that can most benefit from massage: this happens because it is a fundamental part of our body, since it is crossed by a series of energy points that correspond to all the organs. When we touch a specific point of our foot and we realize that it hurts us, probably the pain we perceive is directly connected to the organ that causes us pain: this is a very important principle of acupressure on the foot, according to which each organ corresponds to a certain point on our foot.

For example, according to plantar reflexology, if we suffer from frequent headaches, the point to be treated must be the corresponding one, which is specifically the big toe. If, however, we suffer from intestinal problems, a malaise of the transverse colon could be the cause: and in this case, we will treat the sole of the foot in its most central point. Again, to continue with the examples, if we often have very severe menstrual pain, we will go to massage especially on the heel, which according to the principle of acupressure and plantar reflexology is directly connected to the female and male organs (ovaries and testicles).

If we combine pressure and massage with a scrub treatment, it is completely clear that our benefits will increase exponentially.

When foot scrub is needed

The foot is a point in our body that we are often led to underestimate. In fact, we often think that it is the most hidden part of our body, also because during the winter it ends up submerged by socks and heavy shoes, and therefore it is not directly visible.

During the summer season, we turn to beauty centers to improve the appearance of our feet, and we perform a pedicure treatment that helps us restore a feeling of extreme beauty and unique well-being for our feet: the nail polish becomes d obligation in these cases, because it allows us to look really nice.

However, our traditional philosophy is not to run for cover when our feet appear wrinkled and thickened, but to always take care of them, even when they are covered by socks and heavy shoes: because what is important is not so much you see, but what you perceive. In fact, when the skin of our feet is not regenerated through a specific exfoliating treatment, it is possible that even our walks are affected: in fact, if the feet appear thickened and wrinkled, with calluses and calluses, it is clear that our walks will be more strenuous.

Treating our feet with a scrub helps us to give a little love to our skin by bringing out its natural beauty, but also by massaging and pampering it.

Typically, the foot scrub is made up of three key ingredients:

  • An exfoliating agent, which purifies thanks to the exfoliating action and eliminates dead tissues;
  • An oil, which hydrates and nourishes the skin, giving it a feeling of well-being and immediate relaxation;
  • A perfuming agent, which makes the application even more pleasant because it also acts on the well-being of our mind.

The scrub treatment also gives a pleasant well-being on the fingertips, and on the entire sole of the foot through the various manual treatments that act on the reflex points of the foot and leg up to the knee. The massage can be exercised with a more or less intense pressure, depending on the specific personal situation of the patient and also his preferences: however, a little strong pressure risks not reaching the core of the energy channels to be treated, and it is therefore essential that the operator also acts in a studied way to reach the possible block present and restore a final sense of energy and tonicity.

A scrub treatment at our center lasts 45 minutes and costs 500 baht.