Hot Oil Massage

The heat is very relaxing and also very therapeutic for the well-being of body and mind. The ancient Romans knew it well, who went to the spa to obtain very important benefits for their psychophysical well-being: the heat manages to reconfigure our emotions and makes us feel relaxed and also much stronger and more energetic.

The price is 600 bath for 60 minutes.

Warmth is important in all philosophies that provide relaxation as a lifestyle: relaxing is very important for traditional Thai philosophy, and for this reason it is also useful to undergo massage sessions aimed at channeling energy in the right way.

According to Thai philosophy (which also gives rise to the massage with hot oil, which we will talk about), relaxing is fundamental for a specific reason: our spiritual and energetic body is crossed by a series of channels (about 70,000), and by each of these channels passes our life energy. Sometimes it can happen that, for some well-defined causes, some channels get blocked or obstructed: just like it happens for rivers of water that can be blocked by garbage and dirt, even our energy channels can be blocked by stress, from anxiety, from incorrect habits, and this leads us, in the long run, also to suffer from pathologies affecting the physical body.

According to the considerations that come from this type of energy, we can undergo several sessions to unblock our energy channels and therefore also to live better: in this regard, we will therefore say that the massage with hot oil is very interesting because it is able to return immediately a feeling of well-being to the body and mind. However, it is also important to change your lifestyle if you want the results to be maintained over time: we need to change our posture, for example, or you need to lose weight or drink more, play sports, and generally lead a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

The hot oil massage is however a source of rejuvenation, relaxation and numerous sensory benefits.

Thanks to this type of ritual that derives from an ancient traditional medicine, we can obtain the well-being and recovery of the essential vitality of our body: the energy is spread through the hot oil, and it allows us to immediately obtain a feeling of vitality and youth without comparison. In addition, the hot oil massage that we offer at our massage center is also able to counteract aging and promote the reduction of muscle contractures: according to our philosophy, this treatment should be practiced during the morning as the first massage of the day, and it should be done about 3 or 4 times a week.

Handling with this ritual a constant drain of hot oil on the forehead: the time of this technique can last from about 20 minutes up to an hour (our massage however lasts for an hour).

The technique of pouring the drizzle of oil is very interesting: those who receive this massage will have to lie down in a supine position, and receive the pouring of hot oil, while they will enter a relaxing dimension and protected from any source of anxiety or stress. It will seem that when you lie down to receive the massage you enter a serene dimension: the flow of oil starts from the rope up to the forehead, on the head and on the area where the third eye is located (located in the space between the eyebrows). When we stimulate this area, we can open the energy doors of the sixth chakra, which is the one in charge of meditation: thanks to this chakra it is possible to see everything through intuition and imagination. It is clear, therefore, that this type of massage will allow us not only to relax, but also to develop interesting skills that will also be very useful in daily life.

How the hot oil massage is performed

The massage with hot oil is performed by an operator, who moves the container in an oscillatory way and slowly and continuously manipulates the recipient’s body.

This results in a very interesting energy, and the benefits for body and mind increase.

Generally, oils that derive from oriental plants are used: these oils make the massage very intense also because they are often medicated oils, also used cosmetics and medicine.

The starting point is that each oil is dense with its own vital energy: for this reason, it must always maintain its properties and cannot be used more than three times. In addition, the oil used for massages must be stored away from light and in a cool environment: when it is heated, it will be able to express its best properties because it will have reached its optimal temperature.

Benefits of hot oil for massages

The advantages related to the use of hot oil for massages are of different types: we can say that it is a very interesting sensory experience, because it involves all the senses. Each oil allows us to obtain a different benefit: in any case, it always acts on the nervous system through the sense of smell and is able to correct the altered energy channels using positive impulses.

The treatment is practiced to obtain advantages for the relaxation of the mind: in addition, benefits are obtained for head-related disorders (such as headache, migraine and dizziness), but also for eye-related disorders, ears and throat. Furthermore, thanks to this interesting treatment, we can also strengthen the neck and shoulders.

The hot oil massage is a beneficial massage for the entire nervous system: in fact, it allows us to control episodes of anxiety, anguish, stress and insomnia.

Thanks to a massage with hot oil we can purify body and mind, improve our concentration, our sensory capacity and our self-esteem.

In addition, there are specific advantages also for other organs: the beneficial properties also concern the treatment of prostate disorders, ulcers and joint and rheumatic problems. Finally, the massage with hot oil can give a strong feeling of calm, well-being and relaxation, and is an excellent ally against aging.

You have many reasons to try this massage: you can try it at our specialized center, for the duration of an hour and the cost of 600 baht.