Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a real revolution in the wellness and beauty sector: at our center specialized in the production of massages by expert and qualified operators, you will find a series of interesting benefits for you and your health needs .

Massage is something that we would all like to receive. It allows us to relax, to connect with ourselves and with nature, and also allows us to find the lost energy and to reinvigorate our senses: therefore, these are all very important benefits of massage, which is seen in Thailand as a truly unique and unforgettable experience but also absolutely essential.

The price is 1500 bath for 90 minutes.

There are different types of massages that can be performed on the stressed or weakened person, on the depressed or anxious person, on the sad person or with joint problems: in short, to each his own.

Hot stone massage: features and benefits

We speak, however, on this occasion of a specific and particular type of massage: the massage with hot stones, truly a type of great effect.

Let’s see what are the characteristics and advantages of this type of massage.

The hot stone massage is a technique that involves the use of variable temperature stones (in this case hot stones) in order to relax the muscles and therefore also free from mental and physical tensions: the consequences of this beneficial action on the skin are very simple, because through massage we are able to arouse a certain well-being in the person who receives it. The well-being we get is of two types: on the one hand it is physical well-being, on the other hand it is mental well-being.

In the massage with hot stones, smooth and hot stones are used, which have a function very similar to that of the hands: during the massage, these stones are positioned on specific points of the body in order to assist the action of the hands; this allows you to act in a double way, with your hands and stones, to increase exponentially the advantage of relaxation due to traditional massages.

We talked about physical, muscular, but also intimate and profound benefits.

The physical benefits of the massage are aimed primarily at people who need to relax the body through the action of heat: the stone acts deep in the skin and maintains its pleasant temperature, causing vasodilation. This particular action allows you to ignite the inflamed parts, improve blood circulation, and therefore also promote the work of the nervous system.

The benefits of massage, however, are not just physical. Thanks to the heat we can connect with the deepest part of our ego and obtain a very important psychic benefit: among other things, when using stones, it is also much easier to relax and relax, also improving the oxygenation of the cells and favoring the expulsion of toxins.

How the hot stone massage is performed

The operator heats the stones to an initial temperature of about 70 °: this is a choice due to the need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. After performing a massage with the hands and perhaps with the help of oil, the patient’s stones are positioned on the most critical parts of his body: the hot stone massage is therefore a real pampering for the body and the mind, because it can confer a pleasant and delicate sensation of relief in situations of muscle pain, arthrosis, and rheumatic pathologies.

With the help of hot stones and the action of the combined massage we can overcome back pain, but also anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression, thus sensationally amplifying our well-being.

There is also another thing that is important to know: the massage with hot stones can also be a pleasant wellness experience for those who do not present any disturbance but simply want to relax.

In addition, it is very suitable for opening the chakras and retuning them towards a natural balance: all this allows us to release the energies of our body through the power of massage, obtaining a very beneficial effect especially to correct negative thoughts and moods turbulent.

You can take advantage of our sessions at the Vimaan center, where you can choose the massage that’s right for you based on your physical and mental needs. Recall that the massage with hot stones has a cost of 1500 baht, and has a duration of 90 minutes of total relaxation!