Oil Massage

Traditional Thai massage is performed on a not very soft mattress, directly by the operator who performs circular movements and pressures on the body using his hands, knees, feet, heels, etc .: it is a very particular massage, recommended not only for those who have health problems and joint and muscle pain, but also for those who do not suffer from particular pathologies.

In fact, the principle on which the Thai massage is based is the care of the energetic and spiritual part of our body: according to this theory (which has very ancient roots), our spiritual body is crossed by the vital energy that passes through the channels.

The price is 350 bath for 60 minutes.

There are about 70,000 energy channels, of which 10 are the main ones: when the energy, for one reason or another, stops passing through these channels, an energy block can form which can give rise to various types of disturbances.

Therefore, the blockage of energy should be the basis of the various most common physical ailments: preventing this blockage from happening is very important and is the prevention principle on which the Thai massage theory is based. Furthermore, through the traditional Thai massage, we are also able to put our spirit in order: we can obtain an unprecedented sensorial, psychophysical and spiritual benefit. In addition, we can also prevent various body ailments.

There are different types of Thai massage, even a little different from the traditional one.

What is Thai Oil Massage?

Among these, the Thai oil massage deserves some attention: the difference compared to the traditional massage is that, while the latter is performed on futons without the use of oils, the oil massage is much more delicate, relaxing, and soft. We could therefore say that the massage with oil is not very different from the traditional one, if not for the use of specific relaxing oils, and for the fact that it occurs in a much more delicate and less intense way: those who prefer a stronger pressure will have to in fact prefer traditional Thai massage; those who want to obtain maximum relaxation, until they almost fall asleep, prefer instead the typical oil massage.

Thai oil massage is also indicated to restore the desired psychophysical balance: this is a technique that uses aromatic oil with herbs (Jasmine or Ylang Ylang); the massage is performed by a qualified operator, who works in a gentle way and performs very slow, gentle and deep passages. It is likely to feel the spiritual energy flowing smoothly and without brakes throughout the body: this particular (and new) sensation provides an adequate reduction of stress and anxiety. In addition, those who suffer from insomnia and therefore have difficulty falling asleep can be very helped by the use of this massage: in fact, it promotes an adequate feeling of well-being and is therefore very suitable for stressed people, who want to find mental and physical well-being and relax a little.

Not only: in fact, through the Thai oil massage we can generally relieve muscle pain, joint pain and physical pain; in addition, we can improve blood circulation, reactivate the lymphatic system and strengthen the immune system. Thanks to this type of massage, we can therefore obtain a good prevention against diseases. Finally, it harmonizes the body and gives a perfect feeling of relaxation.

The Thai Oil Massage is an interactive manipulation of the body: the operator also acts with passive and deep stretching techniques, and sliding pressures that are performed along the energy lines of the body. This stimulates the movement of energy in the body.

This massage is suitable for all those who want to get a feeling of well-being and relaxation, but also for those who want to maintain a good physical and energetic shape, keep illnesses away, and feel good both from the point of view of body and mind.

Therefore, the advantages we can obtain are very long-lasting: muscle tension is reduced; the body’s energy system is rebalanced; the immune system is strengthened.

Our center also specializes in performing Thai oil massages: the duration of a session is 60 minutes, and the cost is 350 baht.