Reflexology Foot Massage

Foot reflexology is a technique that uses massage on specific points of the foot to restore the balance of the body. We can undergo a massage of this type in case of congestion and tension, but not only: in fact, although many think that this technique is effective for relaxing the feet, in reality it is possible to treat many different pathologies, such as cystitis, back pain, anxiety and stress.

The price is 300 bath for 60 minutes.

The starting point of plantar reflexology is that the body’s energy balance can be restored through a specific type of massage: in fact, this massage performed on some specific points of the sole of the foot stimulates and compresses the points related from an energetic point of view to organs and systems of the body. Thanks to this technique, not only can we act in case of pain or ailments, but we can also exercise a sort of prevention of certain imbalances in the body: therefore, this technique is very useful for balancing body and mind.

The basis of the thoughts of foot reflexology is given by the division of the body into two types: on the one hand we find the physical body, of which we perceive pain or well-being according to our specific situation; on the other hand, the energetic and spiritual body, which is crossed by the vital energy that flows through its vital channels. If our physical body is in a bad way, most likely the cause lies in an energy block in some part of our physical body: this is the typical belief of foot reflexology, which has its origins in the East starting from pre-Columbian civilizations. We said that if the physical body is sick, the cause could be in a failure to channel the vital energy that is blocked at a certain point: plantar reflexology is useful to prevent this disorder, acting on the points of the foot connected to organs and systems .

What are the benefits of a massage based on the foot reflexology technique?

The foot is a resistant, solid, but also very delicate structure: taking care of it is important, because the foot is a fundamental structure for a good quality of life as it is subjected to a continuous and inevitable daily overload. With our feet we run, walk and, of course, we stand: if they were not there, we would not be able to carry out the countless activities that we carry out daily, and for this reason it is necessary to give them some attention and treat them with care.

Since always, if we put our feet in hot water, we immediately feel a good feeling of well-being; moreover, we immediately feel a sensation of extreme relaxation.

Precisely from this starting point we must understand how important our feet are for the relaxation of the body and mind: in fact, through foot reflexology we can improve ourselves in the three main areas, namely congestion, inflammation and tension.

Through the reflexology sessions, the specific problem is gradually eliminated and the correct balance of the body is restored.

Who can undergo foot reflexology sessions? Basically all, except pregnant women. In addition, it is contraindicated to undergo massage during the menstrual cycle, immediately after eating, and if you are particularly nervous and agitated people. In all other cases, not only is it possible to undergo massage, but it is also strongly recommended, for all the benefits we have talked about.

Plantar reflexology, however, is not only indicated to restore balance or to have advantages from a psychophysical point of view. In fact, thanks to foot reflexology massages, we can also obtain benefits for different cases: for example, we can be helped in the fight against the habit of smoking, we can fight cellulite, stress, arthrosis, depression, anxiety, cystitis, and indigestion.

At our center specialized in relaxing and decontracting massages, you can find expert and qualified operators also for a foot reflexology massage. The duration of the single massage is 60 minutes, and the cost is 300 baht.