Relaxing Facial Treatment

According to Thai tradition, mind and body always go hand in hand: in fact, if the body is well, the mind can also get benefits, and in the same way if the mind is healthy, the body benefits from it in a very profound way .

For all these reasons, the traditional Thai philosophy insists on the importance of combined well-being: undergoing a session of massage and facial treatment, for example, is useful not only to give freshness and beauty to our face (whose skin it certainly looks younger and fresher, for an eternal children’s appearance), but at the same time also to obtain a pleasant and renewed sensation of relaxation.

The price is 1000 bath for 45 minutes.

Feeling relaxed also helps a lot in carrying out normal daily activities: in fact, if you are relaxed, you can perform your activities better, and your life certainly flows more smoothly and without particular hitches. This means that it is really necessary to maintain a relaxing atmosphere around you: and you can do it by undergoing massage sessions, both for the face and the body.

Specifically, a relaxing Thai facial treatment is very important because it allows you to keep your skin always fresh and hydrated, but at the same time aromatherapy and the natural properties of plants and products that are used for the well-being of the body they are very useful because they allow you to relax and also obtain spiritual benefits. And we know how important the spirit is: the mind, in fact, plays a truly effective role in our well-being.

How a relaxing facial massage is performed

Each relaxing face massage is always performed taking into consideration the need to respect the skin: each type of skin can have particular problems and needs, and for this reason it is very important to also focus on the knowledge of the ingredients to be used depending on these special needs.

Among the most useful ingredients for a regenerating facial massage are:

  • Herbs, which have an interesting therapeutic action and allow us to feel relaxed thanks to aromatherapy;
  • Natural products such as some types of fruit, which give a nourishing and energizing action at the same time;
  • The exfoliating products, which allow us to regenerate our cells and our skin and give us a pleasant sensation of freshness.

The use of the various products, combined with the manual action of the massage, helps us not only to cleanse our face, but at the same time also to obtain a final sensation of very pleasant relaxation.

In the Thai Face Massage, nothing is left to chance.

In fact, it is good to know that all the actions that are performed are fundamental for our well-being and to guarantee a complete final result on our face and skin.

In particular:

  • The combined action of cleansing and scrub / peeling helps us free our skin from dead cells thanks to the help of cleansing products: we start from the forehead to continue on the cheeks, chin and also on the chest, with movements turned to relax the muscles of the face. These movements are also preparatory for the next phase of treatment;
  • The action of the actual massage (with circular movements, frictions, pressures, fan movements) is important because it works on the energy lines and on the various points of greatest tension in the body. This allows us to relax and relax the skin of the face, which will therefore obtain a youthful, shiny and luminous appearance;
  • The action of the products used together with the massage also gives an anti-aging effect to the skin: in this way, our face will immediately appear younger and fresher.

The treatment is also relaxing, because thanks to the massage on specific areas of tension on the face we can relieve headaches and muscle tension: an immediately visible benefit of this relaxing treatment for the face is the absence of natural wrinkling of the skin.

From the first treatment you can get a series of benefits that will lead you to relax and have a toned and much more relaxed face musculature. Finally, the Thai facial massage requires that the energy lines (Sen) of the head and neck are treated relieving headaches and tensions that sometimes contribute to the wrinkling of the face. These massages allow you to relax and tone the muscles of the face, help to make the skin more luminous and compact, have a draining effect and help to relax the mind.

In general, we recommend that you undergo these treatments on a regular basis so as not to lose the benefits obtained from a single session. However, these treatments are excellent for their characteristics also as shock treatments before an appointment or an important evening.

Our relaxing treatment lasts 45 minutes and it has a price of 1000 baht.