Sport Massage

If you are a sportsman and you want to cool down your muscles, you will surely get very useful and interesting benefits for your body: come and visit us in our center specialized in massages and you will get all the useful information to understand how much you can need a sports massage entirely dedicated to you!

The price is 700 bath for 60 minutes.

In fact, in Vimaan Massage centre we are experts and qualified in various sectors related to the use of massage: traditional Thai massage is a type of massage that everyone can try, and which is very useful because it helps to rebalance body and mind and therefore offers advantages and benefits even extracorporeal.

The traditional massage is aimed at all those who want to relax and also for all those who wish to counteract negative emotions often obtained due to a poor management of life. Our motto is to allow the person who lies down on our bed to develop a better feeling of balance and well-being: often stressed people come from us, people who have a sedentary life and people who generally have a very passive life. There are many types of people in the world, and many of them certainly need to channel their energies in the right way: but why should energies be channeled?

The basic principle is that our body is divided into a physical part and an energetic part: our energetic body is crossed by a series of important channels, through which all our vital energy flows. If one or more points of these channels are blocked (and we know that this can happen for several reasons but in particular due to stress and anxiety, as well as a life not very attentive to health and well-being), it happens that the our energy stops flowing well: this is where physical problems can start, such as muscle pain, joint pain, headache, sore throat, and many other disorders affecting our physical body.

Rebalancing these channels is essential to ensure that our vital energy starts to flow well: moreover, through the rebalancing of these channels we can obtain very important benefits and advantages also for our physical body, and we will stop suffering from anxiety, stress, and various pathologies.

It is clear that a massage alone cannot lead to these important results. However, we know that it can be a valuable aid in helping us channel our energy well.

Because sports massage can be the solution to your problems

If you go too far in sport, you will probably also have problems concerning the well-being of body and mind: therefore, it is possible that you suffer from muscle pain and inflammation, joint pain and problems caused by this kind of excess.

Sports massage can represent a valid solution to your problems: sport massage, in fact, is performed with care by one of our operators, with the aim of helping the sportsman to rebalance his body, often harassed by excesses of sport and fatigue muscle.

Sports massage is suitable for you, because it is a particular type of massage performed on specific body regions: we can say, however, that it is not only aimed at achieving a good balance for the body affected by excess physical activity, but it is also aimed at improving your performance.

Therefore, let’s say that the sports massage basically does two things: on the one hand it helps the sportsman to recover his energies through a valid massage aimed at relaxing and toning the muscles; on the other hand, it also helps to strengthen the muscles and allows us to improve our sports skills.

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage allows to obtain numerous advantages and benefits for the body:

  • It has a direct action on the body because it allows to increase blood flow;
  • It has an indirect action because, during the session, the nerve endings are excited and the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated.

All this means that sports massage has unique properties, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Through sports and decontracting massage we reduce the tensions of the muscle groups, which are stretched and stretched;
  • Sports massage reduces the level of cortisol and serotonin and therefore restores a state of reduction of stress, anxiety and bad mood. Thanks to the action of sports massage, we can also obtain an excellent pain-relieving effect by increasing endorphins;
  • Sports massage reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and stimulates local microcirculation;
  • The massage has a draining action and also allows you to quickly remove both lactic acid (which often occurs after an excess of sporting activity) and metabolic waste produced during physical activity;
  • It decongests and relaxes the tissues, thus also helping to heal muscle contractures;
  • Sports massage prevents injuries and prepares muscles for future sporting sessions;
  • Sports massage can be applied both before and after a competition, but also between competitions.

If the use of essential oils is associated with sports massage, we can add relaxing, warming, regenerating, firming and anti-fatigue properties: moreover, through the use of essential oils we can also obtain a good massage that allows you to absorb the product in a very quick and decisive.

Everyone can get benefits from our sports massage, regardless of age and the type of sports performance performed. You can try our sports massage at our massage center and start getting many benefits: it lasts 60 minutes, and costs 700 baht.