Tamarind Skin Exfoliation Body Scrub

Our wellness center is aimed at a very varied slice of users: each of us can be suffering from a pathology or from a disorder that wants to cure, and our expert and qualified operators are here for this.

We have been operating in this sector for a long time, we always provide the highest quality of our products and our wellness actions: in fact, at our center we are equipped to offer the best Thai massages even to people who do not need a particular massage and who simply want to relax.

The price is 700 bath for 45 minutes.

Here, required to obtain very important physical and mental advantages:

  • Physical well-being, especially aimed at those who suffer from particular ailments, such as back pain, headache, muscle and joint pain. There are many people who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, bone and muscle problems, and also from many sportsmen who go too far with sport and who need to restore their muscles and muscle characteristics;
  • Psycho-physical well-being, especially aimed at those people who have muscle groups contracted due to stress, or those people who want to lose weight and suffer from swelling or water retention: our massages are also addressed to them;
  • Psychic and mental well-being, aimed at stressed and anxious people, those suffering from depression and anxiety, insomnia, or those who simply want to recover energy after a stormy period. Again, we have massage packages and treatments that offer maximum emotional and psychological well-being.

The treatments we carry out in our center are therefore aimed at everyone. Even if you do not suffer from particular ailments and you are among the lucky ones who have no particular problems, you can always get unique benefits from our series of ad hoc treatments also to relax and regain energy.

One of the interesting massages for the well-being of the body and mind is the scrub: when we massage the skin using specific and exfoliating products, in fact, we are restoring energy to our skin and offering better vitality. Depending on the type of ingredients we use, well-being can be addressed to a specific part of the body, or to a specific functional need.

What is Tamarind Skin Exfoliation

Dead cells represent a problem for our skin, because they act as a barrier and therefore an obstacle for new cells. So, relaxing and being subjected to one or more sessions of exfoliation of the skin is fundamental to renew not only the cells of the epidermis, but also our energy: in the Thai concept there is precisely awareness related to the importance of the body and mind who always travel hand in hand.

If the body is well, the mind is also happy, and if the mind is well, the body is happy.

According to the Thai concept, the human being is divided into two fundamental elements: on the one hand there is the physical body, which is what we perceive directly and of which we can feel all the aches and pains; on the other hand, however, the energy body (also called the spiritual body) which is the one that is directly affected by the aches and pains of the physical body.

If our energy body does not allow our vital energy to flow freely due to a blockage in one of the vital channels, then the problems begin for us: our energy body starts to feel bad, and in the same way where there is the blockage of the canal there will be a part of the physical body that will be most affected by this difficulty.

Therefore, remember that it is very important, according to Thai philosophy, to prevent vital energy from being blocked and therefore allow a more conscious and peaceful flow.

In this way, we will not only have the guarantee of being really well (no headache, no back pain, no joint or muscle pain) but also of feeling totally at peace with ourselves from an emotional point of view. We will not have anxiety, we will not have stress, we will not be subjected to insomnia and sadness, but our whole body will be dominated by a feeling of complete and extreme well-being.

Therefore, a great help can also come from the exfoliation of our epidermis: dead cells must leave room for new cells, and this means that the old must leave room for the new. This is possible thanks to exfoliating treatments, such as exactly what we can perform with the help of particular ingredients, endowed with specific qualities, such as tamarind juice.

Tamarind is a very fragrant and intense fruit. Its plant (the scientific name is Tamarindus) is an evergreen plant belonging to the Leguminosae family: it reaches 30 meters in height, and its fruits are presented in the form of pods that can contain from 4 to 12 inside them seeds. Among the exclusive properties of this plant are minerals and vitamins, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, but also vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C, E, K, and J and beta-carotene.

What is extracted from the plant has antibacterial properties par excellence: moreover, it is also seen as an excellent moisturizing and refreshing product for the skin. When performing an exfoliation session, it is immediately possible to notice how useful it is in the case of impure and acne-affected skin: the skin is immediately purified, clean, but also hydrated!

Tamarind is therefore an excellent ally of beauty and relaxation: choosing a scrub based on this important ingredient means having nature on our side, and taking advantage of the quality of a highly hydrophilic ingredient suitable for transparent gels and highly concentrated serums. At the end of a massage performed with the help of tamarind it is not difficult to feel our skin totally changed: the skin appears renewed, velvety and silky.

Our tamarind skin scrub has a prolonged action, but it is still advisable to do a few sessions from time to time to keep the skin always active and in shape.

A massage costs 700 baht and lasts 45 minutes.