Thai Coffee Body Scrub

The coffee scrub is a very interesting natural scrub, which is possible and recommended to perform to restore a very luminous tone to the skin and also to restore elasticity. If you are in Thailand and want to experience relaxation in the true sense of the word, you can not miss a visit to our specialized center, where it is offered under the seats very relaxing but also exfoliating for your skin.

We know very well how much stress exists in western life: you are people used to running, leading a very active life but also quite full of stress and anxiety; you are people who see in the holiday a moment to really relax and be serene and start off again.

The price is 700 bath for 45 minutes.

If you feel low, if you think you would like to restore your life and if you also want to restore new energy to your skin, you can not stop in our specialized massage center: one of our expert operators helps you choose the right massage for the second thing you have and your needs.

Certainly, in addition to the various relaxing and decontracting massages, we do not miss the opportunity to have a body scrub massage: in this case, we are talking about the scrub massage with coffee, a natural but also very useful product, because it is able to restore elasticity and energy.

Coffee is a natural product that, if drunk, can restore the charge: if you are associated and drink a cup of coffee, you will immediately feel better because the exciting contents in this product are able to restore energy and emotional charge. It is no coincidence that many people drink coffee when they need to stay awake or if they need to stay focused, perhaps while studying for an important exam or while they are waiting for news that worries them.

Well, coffee shouldn’t just be drunk. To provide the maximum of its energy and to give the maximum of itself, this product can also be used as the main ingredient for invigorating massages, which restore new energy to dry and no longer well-hydrated skin because suffocated by dead cells and consequences of smog and pollution.

Benefits and characteristics of the Thai body scrub massage with coffee

If you come to our center specialized in massages and physical and emotional beauty treatments, you will find a wide range of choice of massages suitable for you: in fact, for our exfoliating massages we use a series of useful products of their kind, because of the all natural but also rich in beneficial properties for the skin and body.

The most common massages involve the use of natural ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins, invigorating and revitalizing, such as: tamarind, an evergreen plant very rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium; Thai herbs, a mix of herbs suitable for providing awakening and emotional charge; the coffee; and finally also the tropical coconut extract which, among other things, also gives an excellent perfume to the skin.

Which woman would not want to count on always soft, hydrated and well-smoothed skin? Surely, the body scrub is a treatment with an unquestionable validity because, with a single effective and lasting product, we can give brightness to the skin, moisturize it, smooth it, and finally also eliminate the dead cells that accumulate on it.

The coffee scrub, in particular, is very revitalizing and invigorating and allows you to repair damaged skin from excess stress and exposure to smog and pollution. Among other things, it is also very interesting to know that coffee can also be considered an excellent economic anti-cellulite remedy, because it prepares the skin for summer and prevents the formation of ingrown hair. In this way, we will also be sure to have an impeccable tan because the dead cells will be eliminated in favor of new and invigorating cells.

Furthermore, during the scrub massage, by rubbing the product on the skin and massaging on the various pressure points of the body, interesting results are also obtained from the point of view of the circulation: in fact, movements are carried out that give a boost of energy to the legs and which therefore allow to obtain a real energetic awakening.

By using caffeine for the scrub massage, we also obtain very interesting results not only from the treatment point of view, but also as regards prevention: in fact, caffeine plays a fundamental role in fighting and preventing formation varicose veins (a real drama for many overweight women and not only). Furthermore, by allowing caffeine and the beneficial substances contained in it to be absorbed into the skin, we will also have an excellent antioxidant action and function, which will allow us to restore brightness and softness to our skin, which will finally be shiny and shiny.

Do you want to know more about our coffee exfoliating treatments? Come to our massage center and try our treatments. The coffee scrub massage costs 700 baht and lasts 45 minutes of relaxation only!