Thai Herbal Facial Treatment

According to Thai tradition, our physical body is directly tied with an invisible thread to the energy body. This bond is indissoluble and very important, to the point that every problem or dysfunction of our physical body can depend on an energetic blockage of our spiritual body: according to this tradition, in fact, our energetic body is crossed by a very large number of channels. energy, the so-called Sen, through which our vital energy flows. When our energy does not flow freely, our physical body begins to have problems, depending on the point or points where the obstacle to vital energy is present: according to this interesting theory, all the problems of our physical body are directly related to those of our energy body, and therefore, with them, also all the ailments affecting the back, bones, joint and muscle pain, but also other problems with acne, psoriasis, cardiovascular problems, and inflammation.

The price is 600 bath for 45 minutes.

Making our physical body healthy means, therefore, taking care of our energy body and avoiding that the channels are blocked or blocked. If this happens, it is important to bring a new balance through treatments that help us freely flow our vital energy, such as massages based on the pressure and traction of the points that correspond to the Sen, and also herbal treatments, aromatherapy, and natural products that are absorbed by our skin and give us a sense of extreme well-being and pleasure.

Many people think that body treatments and massages are directed only to the most difficult areas of the body, such as the back and neck (for typically decontracting and relaxing massages) or the abdomen, buttocks and thighs (for body wraps and toning massages). However, even our face must be treated in the same way: in fact, the facial massage is equally important because it allows to obtain a deep well-being also as regards the skin of the face.

Facial treatments with Thai herbs: what they are for

But what are facial treatments for? Is there perhaps cellulite on the face to be eliminated? Certainly the most common problem concerning the face is not cellulite. However, the well-being of the face is also important both from an aesthetic point of view and as regards the cleansing of the face: a correct cleansing and cleaning in this important part of our body allows us to have always young and regenerated skin, and this is also a way to best express your natural beauty.

In the East, women have always been attentive to their beauty: it is also good to remember that for them, physical and aesthetic beauty is directly the result of the well-being of the body and mind, intended precisely as deep well-being. In fact, it is also important to remember that natural beauty secrets (even using herbs, for example, and other natural products) are still handed down from mother to daughter.

The use of these preparations is therefore functional, especially if combined in a useful way with the maneuvers that are directly performed on the Sen of the body and face. As we have anticipated, the Sen are the energy channels located in our energy body: according to the Thai tradition, there are over 70,000 of them, all of a certain importance. Working on energy channels allows us:

  • To counteract any physical problems caused by blocking one or more channels: remember that blocking the channels does not allow vital energy to flow freely;
  • To make our physical body always in perfect balance, also as regards psychological and mental well-being: if our channels are not blocked, vital energy flows freely and we feel relaxed;
  • To also obtain aesthetic well-being: in particular, by working on the face both with the use of massages (and therefore maneuvers) and with the use of natural products (such as herbs) we can obtain the desired youthful appearance, thus having always a face of eternal girls.

Difference between Thai herbal face massage and common facial cleansing

There are important differences that exist between Thai herbal face massage and normal facial cleansing. In fact, the latter is certainly useful, but it is part of a tradition less oriented towards 360 ° well-being. On the contrary, the Thai facial massage that also uses herbs allows us to obtain an effective treatment because it combines the classic treatment with the effects of Thai manual skills.

In fact, in a Thai facial massage with herbal treatment, nothing is left to chance: we have the opportunity to obtain advantages from many points of view, thanks to the various cleansing, scrub and mask treatments combined with the pleasant use of massage real. The action of the massage on the energy channels is perfectly combined with the pleasant and relaxing use of herbs and natural products that act deeply on the skin, giving a naturally fresh and smooth appearance.

The herbal massage treatment lasts 45 minutes and it costs 600 baht.