Thai Herbal Polisher Body Scrub

Among the secrets of Thai beauty, body scrub cannot be missing: they are very interesting methods to exfoliate the body in a natural way and use products that come directly from nature. If we think about it, we have also all included products at home that make us feel in our shiny and smooth body: if you want, however, also to receive a moisturizing and smoothing massage, made by expert hands, you cannot do it at our massage center.

The price is 700 bath for 45 minutes.

Here, in addition to the various types of Thai massages, we also perform scrub massages using products that are natural exfoliants for the body. Our body scrubs are of different types, depending on the specific needs of our customers: we have, for example, exfoliating massages in which we use coffee (which is an excellent ally also against cellulite), and exfoliating massages in which the protagonists are Thai natural herbs.

And this is exactly what we want to talk about: the Thai exfoliating massage that uses herbs is an excellent ally of beauty, both for your skin and for your body.

If you are used to running and therefore have a very hectic and very active life, surely you will be the type of person who takes little care of himself: here with a Thai massage made by expert and qualified hands, you buy benefits and of the indisputable benefits. When you get up from the massage table, you will immediately feel better, your skin will be immediately regenerated and effective, a sensation of extreme freshness!

Herbs for massages: they are non only exfoliating

We use herbs to perform our massages in the best way, and with the aim of obtaining as many advantages and benefits as possible for your body, for your skin but also for your well-being in general.

The herbs that we choose for our exfoliating massages are products that come from nature and therefore will allow you to connect with yourself: thanks to our massages, you will get an immediate feeling of well-being, and you can therefore regenerate and smooth the skin of your body in a really simple and fast way.

Thanks to the use of herbs, in fact, we obtain the following benefits:

  • Scrub for the whole body: herbs help us to obtain a smooth and really clean and regenerated skin from dead cells. This makes us understand that they are truly a natural product and that allow us to get the most out of the natural exfoliation of the skin;
  • Immediate sensation of freshness: herbs help us to smooth the skin and also to eliminate toxins and dead cells that often prevent normal respiration of the epidermis. If we eliminate these toxins, we can therefore obtain an immediate sensation of freshness, because we feel lightened;
  • The skin also becomes toned and radiant: by eliminating all the old part of the skin, among other things, we can also make it much more toned and luminous because it is completely revitalized and regenerated.

The association of massage with the use of herbs is also really fundamental because it increases the positive sensations that we have obtained thanks to the exfoliating herbs: in Thai philosophy there is the principle according to which the body and mind are completely connected, and if the body he is fine, the mind also benefits.

Therefore, the use of the hands to bring the properties and substances of the herbs into depth is very effective: on the one hand, because it allows the beneficial substances to be completely absorbed by the body (obtaining the numerous benefits we have talked about) ; on the other hand, because the massage is relaxing and beneficial in itself, and allows us to obtain an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being.

The Thai tradition is also very attentive to the particular needs of the woman’s body, and this is why the treatment is especially useful for the woman: this type of massage is particularly useful because it uses non-aggressive techniques (which would not be however suitable for sensitive and delicate skin) to obtain an immediate and positive feeling of well-being. In fact, the healing herbs make possible the benefits we have talked about, while the use of the hands and in particular of the targeted pressures makes it possible to open the energy channels of the Sen.

This type of massage (which would also be very suitable immediately after childbirth and to relieve the typical ailments of women such as menstrual pain or irregular cycle, or even water retention) also helps to improve venous and lymphatic circulation and allows us to reduce swelling and cellulite. The skin therefore becomes decidedly more toned not only thanks to the help of healing herbs but also thanks to the pressure on the vital points through which vital energy flows.

With herbs, vital energy is balanced

Although the typical Thai herbal massage is particularly useful for women, the benefits of this treatment can be experienced by everyone, and also by those who do not know the importance of the oriental energy tradition. The use of particular and accurate pressures together with herbal remedies have a strong decontracting action: moreover, these massages improve the oxygenation of the tissues, are anti-inflammatory and dissolve the fat pads.

Thanks to the wise use of herbs, therefore, we can rebalance the vital energy. Among the most interesting herbs in this regard we mention medicinal plants, dried and shredded.

The most used ingredients are:

  • Lemongrass: this herb is important against diuresis;
  • Tamarind: it stimulates natural cell turnover;
  • Turmeric: it is a root that has a high anti-inflammatory and antiseptic power. In addition, it helps to calm pelvic pain and is also an excellent ally against aging;
  • Cassia: it calms inflammations of the genital system;
  • Zingiber cassumunar: it is a type of ginger that counteracts swelling and bloating.

You can perform a treatment of this type at our specialized center: this treatment with the use of herbs lasts 45 minutes and it costs 700 baht.