Thai Massage With Herbal Compress

Traditional Thai massage can be performed with modifications, to allow the person who receives it to be completely relaxed at the end of the massage. In fact, we know that the typical and traditional Thai massage is performed to restore balance in the energy body by acting on some specific points of the physical body: however, it can also be performed with the help of Thai natural medicine.

The price is 600 bath for 60 minutes.

It is therefore the Thai Massage with Herbal Compress: this too, like traditional massage, is now particularly widespread in various geographical areas of Thailand, and it is a type of massage that is also in great demand for very singular reasons.

In fact, the treatments with compressed herbs are typical of the Thai tradition and especially of natural medicine: in fact, these herbs, before being used for the massage, are steam heated, and are subsequently applied to the body following the energy channels. Typical of traditional Thai massage is in fact following the path of the SEN: in fact, it is thought that the body is divided into a physical part and a spiritual part, which is often the basis of the well-being or malaise of the physical body.

According to the beliefs of Thai natural medicine, in fact, when a person is affected by a body pathology and therefore presents certain symptoms, very often the cause could be precisely in the energy body: it is crossed by a series of vital channels that, when they are stuck, they can no longer flow energy. If the vital energy gets blocked, it is possible that the physical body starts to feel bad: it is precisely for this reason that the use of herbal massage can be very useful.

Therefore, we can say that the Thai massage with compressed herbs is faithful to the tradition of massage and Thai natural medicine, and it is also very relaxing, decontracting, and pain reliever: this means that if you have pain in a specific part of the body, the masseur can help you feel less pain thanks to its action. The treatment is carried out by acting on the physical body with hands, fingers, wrists, arms, heels, knees, feet, etc .: in addition to the traditional type of massage, however, a mixture of particular herbs and roots that have previously been used chop with mortar following the ancient thai tradition.

After being chopped, these herbs are enclosed inside gauze tissues: the tissues are closed and then heated by steam. When the herbal compound inside heats up, the skin is crossed by a series of beneficial properties released, in fact, by the herbs: the skin absorbs inside the beneficial action of the herbs, and therefore the blood and lymph circulation are improved and lymph. You can obtain relax and decontract the muscles, dilate the pores, and eliminate the toxins.

In this way, thanks to the combination of massage and herbs, we can obtain very interesting benefits not only at the level of the body and mind, but also as regards muscle tone: eliminating toxins, moreover, we can also feel less tired and tired and acquire physical and spiritual well-being. Finally, it must also be added that this treatment is also particularly suitable for generating psychophysical well-being, to give vigor to the body, to increase the flow of energy and to deal with tendonitis, back pain, and muscle tears.

You can rely on our specialized massage center to receive the Thai Massage with Herbal Compress from an expert and qualified operator. The duration of our massage is 60 minutes, and the cost is 600 baht.