Set Wellness: 1200 bath for 2:30 hours


  • Body Scubs
  • Thai
  • Oil

Our wellness and beauty center offers you the possibility of obtaining truly surprising results for the maintenance of your physical and mental appearance, with a series of wellness packages: these packages are adequately designed to provide your body and mind with several beneficial and advantageous proposals, which will help you find the lost balance and allow you to obtain very interesting results from different points of view.

The package we offer you is a real wellness package: within this package you will find a series of proposals at a more advantageous price, to allow you to relax and regain your psychophysical balance thanks to treatments that are very rich in benefits and of advantages

In our wellness package you will find:

  • A session of body scrubs;
  • A session of Thai Massage;
  • An Oil Massage session.

All these treatments are aimed at restoring excellent physical and mental well-being.

In particular, here are the experiences that you can live with our wellness package, which we offer you at a decidedly advantageous price.

Body Scrubs

Well-being also passes through the correct balance of the skin: therefore, this means that you can get very interesting advantages from the point of view of the beauty and well-being of your skin, which will appear much smoother and smoother.

The scrub is a very useful treatment especially for those who have problems with excess weight and centimeters: in fact, thanks to some products that are used in this regard, we can naturally exfoliate the skin, and smooth it. At the end of the treatment (which can be performed on different parts of the body), our skin will be decidedly smoother, more toned, and also more energized, thanks to the triple action of the scrub, which is composed of three main ingredients:

  • An exfoliating agent, which helps to regenerate the skin thanks to the elimination of dead cells in favor of new ones;
  • A nourishing agent, such as an oil that helps hydrate and nourish the skin;
  • A perfuming agent, since aromatherapy can have a decisive effect for maintaining relaxation and the feeling of well-being obtained.

The body scrub is suitable for everyone, but in particular it can be ideal for those suffering from water retention and excess toxins.

Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage is an excellent solution to tackle problems not only physically, but also energetically and spiritually. It starts from the assumption that the physical body is closely linked to the energetic one: the spiritual or energetic body is crossed by a series of channels (Sen) in which vital energy flows. If it does not flow well (due, perhaps, to an energy block), there are physical problems, such as headache, sore throat, joint and muscle pain, back pain: all these pains they also check according to the point where the energy block is present.

The traditional Thai massage serves precisely to unlock these channels and make sure that the vital energy flows well within them: the benefit is twofold, since in addition to having released our vital energy, we will also have obtained the physical benefit and we will have stopped feeling dull pain at a certain point on the body.

Oil Massage

Some types of massage can be performed with the help of particular essential oils, which have different powers and benefits: on the one hand, in fact, they encourage a high sensation of physical well-being because they help to ease tensions during the massage more easily; on the other hand, the use of oil also allows for greater relaxation due to a sensation of extreme well-being that derives from it.

Even the skin obtains benefits from the use of oil: in fact, the oils that are used for massages are generally perfumed and moisturizing oils, but also nourishing for our skin, which at the end of the treatment will be smooth and nourished.

Our wellness set includes these three treatments, which can be performed over a total period of 2h30, at a total price of 1200 baht.