Set Wonder: 2000 btah for 2:30 hours


  • Thai
  • Oil
  • Hot Stone

Inside our massage center you also have the opportunity to undergo different treatments by paying a more accessible price, taking advantage of one of the wellness and beauty packages that we have reserved just for you. A set of treatments is specially designed to provide you with the maximum pleasure and physical and aesthetic, but also psychological and mental well-being: for example, you can find excellent opportunities for relaxation and well-being in our wonder set.

Our wonder set is a package aimed at helping our patient in recovering his mental and psychological functions but also in regaining physical and bodily well-being: with a decontracting massage, for example, you can treat the back, neck and shoulder discomfort , and at the same time you can restore a certain balance in our vital points which are those in which our vital energy flows.

Our wonder set is a package where you can undergo intensive Thai traditional massage treatments, oil massage, and hot stone massage, obtaining from each of them authentic benefits and sensational benefits to say the least.

Benefits of Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage is the basis of everything: it can be done by an expert and qualified person who will help you obtain all the desired benefits with the help of the hands, feet, knees, and anything that can exert pressure on your body.

The purpose of traditional Thai massage is to move towards physical and psychological well-being: in this way, it acts on the energy and vital channels through which vital energy flows. The accurate pressures represent a valid ally against the body’s ailments: in fact, together with the phytotherapy remedies, they have a strong decontracting, anti-inflammatory action, improve the oxygenation of the tissues, and finally promote lipolysis. This means that traditional Thai massage can also allow you to remove and dissolve excess fat also thanks to cell turnover and tissue regeneration.

Benefits of Oil Massage

Traditional Thai massage can be associated with massage with the help of oils. The oil has a very deep action on the skin, because it serves to promote the decontracting pressure of the massage: moreover, it nourishes the skin in depth and therefore makes it much smoother and smoother.

Benefits of hot stone massage

The heat exerts a further beneficial action for the body and mind: the heated stones are positioned on the body, and in particular on the points where vital energy passes, and they allow to reach a very important and concrete feeling of well-being. This relaxation massage uses heat for its beneficial action for the body: in fact, it is known that heat exerts a dilating action for the pores of the skin. When the pores open, they are allowed to go deeper, and also warms and softens the muscles, easing as much as possible the tensions that cause malaise and pain.

You can try all the benefits of our beauty and wellness solutions in one package, Our wonder package. It lasts 2h30 and is priced at 2000 baht.